Telecom site solutions

Standardised tower

Firmament has extensive global experience in building green field multi-tenant sites with site-tower-power design, supported by effective project management to help the TowerCo with faster roll out at scale, strict quality control, and optimise Capex. The design pertains to different tower types, for urban, semi urban, rural, located in different wind speed zone.

Site acquisition

Firmament has extensive multi country bulk site acquisition experience managing different stakeholders, i.e TowerCo, customer, local Government authority, Malls, and undertaking multi-faceted activities, i.e RF and transmission evaluation, site nominal survey, customer approval, landowner negotiation, local authority approval, commercial benchmarking, country specific.

CME build

Comprehensive expertise of building green field, brown field telecom sites, civil works upgrade, starting with site selection criteria and space requirement, soil testing for GBT, structural analysis for RT sites, BOQ preparation, material specification, concrete works, backfilling, form works(shuttering), electrical works, grounding, fencing , and acceptance testing till site is declared RFI to.

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