Telecom Consultancy & support

Telecom due diligence

Undertake this to help the potential buyer or investors get an accurate view of a deal’s true value, by assessing the assets quality, the technology and related aspects, regulatory challenges, systems, and practices, identify potential redundancies etc. Offer best operations practices for sustained operations and power optimisation, especially in emerging tower markets.

Setting up new Towerco

Firmament offers expert services to unlock and build value in setting up Towerco, transforming from connectivity driven business model to solution driven business model with digitization, and integrated ways of working. Executed Towerco in multiple countries, addressing operational goals, enabling factors and systems, operational Models, key elements for sustainable operations, and green power solutions.

Post merger Integration

Firmament has proven capability on post-merger integration management with the objective of structured transaction, pricing, separation strategy, scopes, approach, dependencies, timelines, basic organisation, change management, workstream wise transition deliverables, TSA preparations, recommending ad-hoc tools supports, stakeholders’ management and governance framework, to enable Towerco go-live with basic organisation and supported IT and OSS system.

Optimization strategies

Firmament has a team with deep experience in telecom site solutions, operations and maintenance and provides expert advice on network optimization strategies, i.e Capex and Opex optimization, SLA, tools and process optimization, green energy solutions for business sustainability, analyzing from system concept with the ultimate objectives of unlocking and building value across value chains.

Transformational projects

Advise and undertake transformational projects to prepare the company maintaining its competitiveness into the future in accordance with the technological evolution and challenges of the digital world e.g monetization projects, transformation of energy expense reimbursement from pass-through-energy-expenditure model to fixed cost energy model, Fiber for 5G, IoT and edge connectivity, drone based tower maintenance.

Process Manual

From a customer-centric perspective, firmament helps prepare process manuals, visualizing process touchpoints, on projects delivery, operations and maintenance, site build quality, health and safety, assets audit, inspection check list, and more, to gain an understanding of what is required to deliver the needed value at the lowest cost, improving quality, time to market

Transaction support and Tender document preparation

Provide various transaction support during pre-tendering , tender document preparation , specifically global equipment tendering, ERP solutions, managed services, assets purchase, third party site acquisition , diesel filling , site security, site access management , list though not exhaustive. Understand customer requirement and prepare complete tender document with optimum technical specification and after sales operations support.

Operations bench marking

Advice on business and operations benchmarking, to measure internal progress, performance against competitors and how the Towerco processes rank against world-class organizations and help in financial projection, annual budgeting. Examples are average site build cost, timeline, equipment cost, operations SLA, energy consumption of off grid and on grid sites, TCO of implementing ERP system

Managed services

Firmament has extensive knowledge of network managed services in both active and passive assets across multiple geographies with different scopes, i.e performance SLAs, pricing, penalty, database update and reconciliation, tenancy agreement renewal, permit renewal, utility invoice reconciliation, updating site catalogue, representing the client for meeting with local authorities or third parties, but not exhaustive.

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