Smart Solutions

Based on solid experience of managing thousands of sites across multiple geographies, offers expert advice and implementation of most suitable platforms and IT system for comprehensive portfolio management, to a new Towerco and/or as part of post-merger integration and operationalization.

Portfolio management system

Firmament helps clients in replacing multiple legacy system and tools with independent cloud based integrated portfolio management system to handle all business functions with enterprise-wide common database, with capability of further forward integration with TOC and backward integration with Finance, SCM, inventory management, undertaking the plan, design, tender, execute SDLC scopes till go live.

Assets Remote Monitoring System (RMS) and TOC

Provides comprehensive web-based platform solution along with TOC data analytics, hardware and software specification, tender scoping, project execution to enable client remotely monitor factual site status, energy consumption, HVAC assets, alarm management, site access management, scheduling maintenance activities, corrective maintenance directing field staff to restore site, and management dashboards for real time business decision.


TowerCo in the traditional pass-through energy model, wherein cost of energy consumption fully reimbursed by the operator, lack motivation to optimize, implement green technology solutions. Firmament help TowerCo transform to energy rate card model, i.e operator pays a fixed amount for the fixed load, resulting in head count reduction, cost saving, avoiding frequent reconciliation.

Business Process Automation

Advise on purposed built solutions, with technology-enabled automation of complex business processes, for e-governance and smart infrastructures management. Help streamline client’s business for simplicity, achieve digital transformation, increase service quality, improve service delivery, optimize costs by integrating applications, restructuring resources, using common database, AI based data analytics, and using software applications throughout the organization.

GPS based assets tracking system and solutions

GPS based tracking solutions and devices to help client gain complete asset visibility and control and maximize asset utilization, such as GPS based assets tracking system to track movement of vehicle, fleet management, geofence boundary alerts on enter and exit, alerts on unauthorized movement in theft and vandalism prone sites, locate movement on map.

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